Hungry Science Beast

Niraj (the science of beards) Lal and Hamish (gimme the microphone) Clarke

the simple science of stuff
on radio!

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Featured on ABC Radio National Science Show and available for download on iTunes
Hungry Science Beast Part 1 - ABC page and (mp3)
Hungry Science Beast Part 2 - ABC page and (mp3)

Recent clips

Light bulbs with opera and the brown note - Nij

The climate sausage - Hamish

Why shower curtains want to stick to you - Nij

Four switches of fire - Hamish

Cytoskeleton - Hamish

What is a model? - Hamish

More info

Hamish and I met on a warm summer's evening at the 2013 Australian Academy of Science night for Early Career Researchers.
Hungry Radio Beast was born in a brainstorm of passion and is heading out on radio waves across Australia!

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