Niraj Lal
BSc (hons) ANU, PhD Cambridge

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Niraj N. Lal “Enhancing solar cells with plasmonic nanovoids", PhD in physics, Cavendish Laboratory, University of Cambridge July 2012
shortlisted for the 2012 Salje medal

Niraj N. Lal, “Sliver cells in thermophotovoltaic systems”, BSc honours thesis in physics, Australian National University 2007
recipient of the Angus Nicholson Honours Scholarship in Science

Journal articles

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Conference presentations

N.N. Lal*, T.P. White, K.R. Catchpole, Photonics West, San Francisco 2014

N.N. Lal*, B.F. Soares, J.K. Sinha, S. Mahajan, P.N. Bartlett, N.C. Greenham, F.G. de Abajo, J. J. Baumberg, 5th International Conference on Surface Plasmon Photonics, Korea 2011, invited oral presentation

N.N. Lal*, B.F. Soares, J.K. Sinha, S. Mahajan, P.N. Bartlett, N.C. Greenham, F.G. de Abajo, J. J. Baumberg, Optics Society of America Congress 2010, Karlsruhe, Germany, invited oral presentation

N.N. Lal, F. Huang* B.F. Soares, J.K. Sinha, S. Mahajan, P.N. Bartlett, N.C. Greenham, F.G. de Abajo, J. J. Baumberg, CLEO, Baltimore, USA, 2011, oral presentation

N.N. Lal*, F. Huang B.F. Soares, J.K. Sinha, S. Mahajan, P.N. Bartlett, N.C. Greenham, F.G. de Abajo, J. J. Baumberg, UK Solar Energy Society Conference, Edinburgh, Scotland, 2011, oral presentation

N.N. Lal, G.P.R.M Christmann*, F. Huang, B.F. Soares, J.K. Sinha, S. Mahajan, P.N. Bartlett, N.C. Greenham, J. J. Baumberg, CLEO, San Jose, USA, 2010, oral presentation

N.N. Lal* and A.W. Blakers, 45th annual ANZSES conference, Alice Springs, Australia, 2007, oral presentation.

Public communication

N.N. Lal, “Henry the Emu that could Fly", children’s story about an emu that learns how to fly by going into gravitational orbit!

N.N. Lal, "Political science - exponential interactions between technology and social justice" presentation slides

N.N. Lal, “Rubberhose cryptography and the idea behind Wikileaks: Julian Assange as a physics student", Medium

N.N. Lal, “Butterfly Flo and the Everything Effect”, children’s story on a butterfly who learns about the Butterfly Effect of chaos theory

N.N. Lal, “Why we have Easter Egg Hunts at Easter - what my chickens taught me”, Pilularis Press

N.N. Lal “Triple bottom line academia - the case for public engagement”, Pilularis Press, 2014

N.N. Lal, L.J. Jones, “Noise vs signal - digital protest against bulk surveillance”, Online:, 2014

N.N. Lal, T.P. White, K.R. Catchpole, “Plasmonic and dielectric enhancement of solar cells”, SPIE Newsroom, 2013

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N.N. Lal “The greatest threat to democracy”, on electronic voting in Australia, Gadabout Press 2013

My Erdos-Bacon number is 11, through Jeremy Baumberg FRS and Sir John Pendry (Erdos 5), and Tony Martin and Eric Bana (Bacon 6).